DV Lottery Application

DV Lottery 2017

If you want to apply for this program DV lottery 2017, you must apply as soon as you can. The new administration has been threatening to close the program down. DV lottery is a Diversity US Immigration Visa. For DV Lottery 2017 which is also called the Green Card Lottery. It’s basically a United States congress mandated lottery program to obtain a United States Permanent Resident Card. This visa program has been occurring every year and sorted out by the Department of State and directed under the terms of Section 20 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). This Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (DV Program) gives about 50,000 foreigner visas every year which are without much effort and easy to access. You just have to apply properly and correctly. But remember you must apply soon because the current president wants to shut down programs like this.


Requirements for DV lottery USA are:

First requirement #1: Persons born in nations whose locals qualify may be qualified to enter.

If you were not conceived in a qualified nation, there are two separate ways you may have the ability to be qualified.  Was your marriage partner born in a nation whose locals are qualified? If that is a yes, then you can use the nation of your mate’s conception—given that both you and your mate are named on the chosen section, are issued different visas, and enter the United States at the same time.

Were you born in a nation whose locals are not eligible for the DV lottery 2017, yet in which neither of your parents were conceived or by law inhabitants at the time of your introduction to the world? If the answer is yes, then you might guarantee the nation of conception of one of your parents on the off chance that it is a nation whose locals are qualified for the DV-2016 project. For more subtle elements on what this implies, see the Frequently Asked Questions.

Second requirement #2: Every single applicant has to meet the training/work experience necessity of the DV program by having either:  a secondary school instruction or its comparable, characterized as successful completion of a 12-year course of formal rudimentary and auxiliary instruction;

Or else, two years of work experience within the previous five years in an occupation requiring no less than two a long time of preparing or experience to perform.

Applying for dv lottery USA:

The dv lottery application must include the choice of Applicants which, in view of the required countries of accessible visas in every area and nation, applicants will be arbitrarily chosen by computer from among qualified sections. All DV lottery participants must be required to attend the Applicant Status Check utilizing the long affirmation number spared from their DV online section listed to see if their entrance has been selected in the DV lottery 2017 program. Contestant Status Check will be accessible on the E-DV site at www.dvlottery.state.gov usually beginning May 2, 2017 through in any event until all the rules have been satisfied. All applicants should keep their confirmation number until at least September 30, 2017 and possibly longer.

If on the off chance that your application is chosen, you will be coordinated to an affirmation page that will give facilitate directions, including data on charges associated with movement to the United States. Participant Status Check will be the ONLY means by which applications will be informed of their choices for lottery DV. The Department of State will not mail out notice letters or tell selectees by email. U.S. government offices and departments won’t give a rundown of selectees. People who are not chosen likewise will be told ONLY through Entrant Status Check. You are firmly urged to get to Participant Status Check yourself.

On the off chance that you are chosen, keeping in mind the end goal to get a DV lottery 2017 winning application to move to the United States, despite everything you should meet all qualification prerequisites under U.S. law. These prerequisites may basically expand the level of investigation required and time important for handling for some applicants of a few nations recorded in this notification, however not constrained to, nations recognized as state sponsors of terrorism.

All handling of sections and issuance of DV Lottery selectees meeting qualification prerequisites and their qualified relatives must be finalized by midnight on the last open day in November. Under no circumstances can DVs be issued or modified or affirmed after this date, nor can relatives get DVs to take after to-join the main candidate in the United States after this date. Check results as often as possible and the most Asked Questions for more info about this important procedure.

DV Lottery 2018 Status Check

Starting on May 2, 2017 entrants may enter their confirmation number and check their status at the following link:


Please make certain to have the Entrant’s Confirmation Number, Last/Family Name, and Year of Birth so that you can check the entrant status online.

The application period for DV2018 opened on October 4, 2016, and closes on November 7, 2016. DV-2018 entrants are recommended to hold onto their confirmation number until around September 30, 2018.

President Trump’s 2017 Ban Affect on DV Lottery

The ban by president on the 7 countries: Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, does not affect the DV lottery so far. It is just a ban on travel and stops the movement of those people from those countries to come to the united states for a specific period of time. The DV Lottery is later in the year and should not be affected. So if you are interested, you should check your eligibility and apply today, before the rules change in the future. Rules may change and not allow you entry into this country in the future. So you should plan ahead and try to apply for the DV lottery.


DV Status Check for 2016 and 2017

If you had applied for DV lottery between October 1,2015 and November 3,2015, then you are considered to be a DV-2017 entrant. The entrant status can be checked at https://www.dvlottery.state.gov/ESC/.  All you have to do at the website press continue and enter your confirmation number in the top line number 1. Then put your last name in number 2 , then year of your birth (for example 2000) in number 3. Finally, you need to enter the code you see in the authentication  screen on line 4. If you cannot read the authentication code, then press the 2 arrows in the top corner of the authentication screen to get a new authentication. When all the information is entered correctly, press submit. If you have a question on the page you can request help with the help button on the top right of the status page. It is recommended that the DV-2017 entrants keep their confirmation number through September 30,2017. So you should keep your confirmation number in a safe place so that if the US government asks you for it, you have it ready.

If you have DV lottery application for the dates between October 1, 2014 and November 4, 2014, then you are considered a DV-2016 Entrant. You can follow the same steps as above to check your application. The main difference is that you have until September 30, 2016 to check your status, after that there is no more use for your confirmation number. Remember that the website will work with many browsers, but it is preferred that you use Internet explorer 8 or higher. For the latest internet explorer 8 browser download go to https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/internet-explorer.aspx

Hopefully you have won the lottery! Good luck to you.

Le informazioni più aggiornate sulla DV Lottery

Gli Stati Uniti d’America indicono una lotteria annuale per un visto differing qualities (“DV”) che consiste in una lotteria per il trasferimento altrimenti conosciuta come Green Card lottery o Visa Lottery.
Il periodo d’iscrizione alla dv lottery 2016 è iniziato mercoledì 1 ottobre e durerà fino a mezzogiorno del tre novembre.
Le persone interessate dovrebbero registrarsi tramite un progetto online sul sito ufficiale del Dipartimento di Stato (www.dvlottery.state.gov ) e questo andrebbe fatto il prima possibile nei limiti della scadenza.
Offriamo il miglior servizio disponibile e lavoriamo con Avvocati o procuratori specializzati e con licenza negli USA, che in altri paesi sono chiamati anche barrister.
Vengono offerti ogni anno circa 50.000 green card a candidati di varie nazioni.
Se sei nato in uno dei seguenti paesi, non sei idoneo – Bangladesh, Brasile, Canada, Cina (terraferma), Colombia, Repubblica Dominicana, Ecuador, El Salvador, Haiti, India, Giamaica, Messico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Perù, Filippine, Corea del Sud, Regno Unito (esclusa Irlanda del Nord) e Vietnam.
Queste nazioni non possono partecipare alla lotteria perché al momento hanno già inviato circa 50.000 espatriati legittimi negli USA negli ultimi cinque anni.


Nessun occupante degli Stati Uniti privo di documenti può interessarsi alla lotteria per i visti come conseguenza del proprio status.
È estremamente importante che in questo periodo nessuna organizzazione collegata all’immigrazione offra risultati amministrativi “rassicuranti” sulla lotteria.

Non potrà partecipare alla lotteria chi è legalmente soggetto agli Stati Uniti, chi è un abitante ad interim degli USA o chi vive già negli USA.
Bisogna fornire le proprie informazioni biografiche fondamentali e soddisfare le linee guida/bisogno di lavoro: il completamento di quello che dovrebbe essere conosciuto come percorso scolastico ausiliario o due anni di esperienza lavorativa negli ultimi cinque anni in un settore che richiede non meno di due anni di preparazione.
Per vedere quali impieghi soddisfano tutti i requisiti della lotteria, visita www.onetonline.org.

Il processo richiede l’invio di una fotografia del candidato e di una foto di ogni familiare partecipante.
I requisiti sull’invio della foto sono eccezionalmente corretti, quindi per le persone che non sono state istruite è intelligente ricorrere ad un’associazione che fornisce aiuto per la candidatura, ad esempio uno dei centri irlandesi
Gli effetti ritardati della DV lottery 2015 dimostrano che ci sono stati ben 157 vincitori provenienti dalla Repubblica d’Irlanda, mentre il Nord Irlanda ne ha avuti solo 41.
Ci sono stati più di 9,3 milioni di approvati qualificati.
I risultati della DV lottery 2016 non si distaccano molto dai risultati della DV lottery precedente.
Ad ogni candidato deve essere consentita una sola approvazione singola – il contesto delle domande elettroniche è stato attualizzato per assicurare che tutti i candidati rispettino queste linee guida.

Una volta che la domanda di partecipazione è stata adeguatamente inviata, l’aspirante riceverà un numero di conferma alternativo che permetterà alla persona di ricercare lo status del membro sul sito a maggio 2016 per controllare se l’area è stata scelta per un visto.
I candidati saranno selezionati a caso dal computer tra tutte le candidature registrate che si sono qualificate. I risultati della dv lottery 2015 sono usciti e possono essere visualizzati cercando tra i risultati della dv lottery 2015 per paese.
Questo è il modo principale in cui un concorrente può scoprire se un’area è stata scelta, quindi il numero di conferma deve essere tenuto al sicuro.

Tutti i vincitori della dv lottery 2015 dovrebbero controllare accuratamente se hanno vinto o meno prima di raggiungere l’organizzazione.
Il Risultato alla dv lottery 2016 potrebbe anche essere pubblicato da un’organizzazione falsa per diffondere false notizie.
La candidatura di un partecipante verrà squalificata se verrà ricevuta più di una candidatura dallo stesso partecipante, a prescindere da chi ha inviato la candidatura.

La pubblicazione del risultato della dv lottery 2016 per paese e la lista dei vincitori della dv lottery 2015 o i risultati attuali vengono caricati qualche mese dopo lo svolgimento della lotteria.

La candidatura alla dv lottery deve essere inviata prima dell’ultima data e i risultati della DV lottery 2016 saranno parimenti dichiarati sul sito, dove tutti i candidati possono vedere se hanno vinto la lotteria o meno.
La lista dei vincitori della dv lottery 2016 è stata trasferita sul sito e può parimenti essere visualizzata su d-vlottery.com

DV Lottery Form?

DV Lottery Form

DV Lottery Form

The Green Card Lottery or dv lottery is formally known as the Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery Program and is regulated by the US Department of State. It was made by a demonstration of Congress, the Immigration Act of 1990. The system appropriates a predefined number of visas, “Green Cards,” to candidates from specific nations around the globe. In spite of the fact that the statute really commands accessibility of 55,000 visas, The Nicaraguan and Central American Relief Act (“NCARA”) went by Congress in November 1997 stipulates that starting with DV-99, and for whatever length of time that essential, 5,000 yearly assigned assorted qualities visas will be made accessible for use under the NCARA Program. Along these lines, there are 50,000 visas accessible. Champs of the lottery are picked in an arbitrary drawing directed by the US State Department. The content of the law is accessible for you to peruse.

The dv lottery application form should be properly and accurately filled. This Green Card US GLOBAL offers proficient help with the DV lottery, Green Card Entry Form (DV Entry Form), otherwise called Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery, process. A huge number of Applications are excluded each year because of organization and substance blunders. Innumerable others are precluded for recording past the point of no return. Try not to let this transpire, particularly on the off chance that you are documenting an application from abroad. The staff at The Green Card US GLOBAL will deliberately get ready and effectively present your application. We promise that your application won’t be dismisses for inability to agree to the strict eDV section structure lottery necessities as put forward by the USA GOV Department of State. eDV GREEN CARD LOTTERY Information Green Card Lottery Visa Application! Green Card Lottery Application, of the 2016 current year, eDV-2018 Program. Assorted qualities Immigrant system of USA.

After installment you should complete individual subtle elements and transfer your photo(s). In the event that you can’t transfer or don’t know how to do it, you can send it by general mail.

We do Reliable work for you. Complete your enrollment and our specialists will guarantee your enlistment is without blunders – The Green Card US GLOBAL Organization guarantees your enlistment will qualify to take an interest in the American Green Card Lottery Program by the proper time we will then advise you how to continue. The D-VLottery.com utilizations a safe server your own data is just utilized towards installment for your American Green Card Lottery application. If you utilize a Stolen or extortion Credit Card number you will be excluded to take part!!! Your application will be scratched off and we will look for lawful help.  When an exchange is prepared your eDV GREEN CARD Application administration expense by stripe, but it will in this way show up on a clients financial record.

DV Lottery Form Check

DV Lottery Form Check

Entry form:

All passages got from every locale for dv lottery 2016 application form are independently numbered, and toward the end of the section period, a PC will arbitrarily choose passages from among every one of the sections got for each geographic district. Inside every area, the primary section arbitrarily chose will be the main case enlisted; the second passage of the dv lottery entry form chose will be the second case enrolled, and so forth. All sections got inside of every locale amid the passage period will have an square with shot of being chosen. At the point when a section has been chosen, the participant will be told of his/her determination through the Entrant Status Check accessible beginning a few months after the application, on the E-DV site d-vlottery.com. On the off chance that you are chosen and you react to the directions gave online by means of Entrant Status Check, the Department of State’s Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) will prepare the case until those chosen are told to show up for visa interviews at a U.S. Government office or Consulate or until those in the United States why should applying conform status apply at a household USCIS office and you should know how to fill dv lottery entry form for the dv lottery 2016 application form.

DV Lottery Application Form Particulars

DV lottery application form is not available on the web, as the DV lottery application. The old application form was given on their site in 2015 where it should not be available anymore and now you should apply in the new electronic way. The office has informed individuals that they can down load the structure from the official site and afterward submit it back to the organization to enter their name in the lucky draw.

What to do in the event that you are occupied with lottery: 

In the event that you need to apply for the lottery you first need to finish your archive which implies that your installment duty, your instruction, and your security draw everything ought to be clear. This likewise requires a lot of effort and cash on the off chance that you apply for this structure at first they will obviously say that the charges are ostensible however that is not the first situation, things are entirely unexpected when you venture in the field. Presently you need to buckle down and need to counsel those organizations that can offer you some assistance with doing your work at exceptionally sensible cost. So this is not simple and to have visa through a lottery is a long shot for each underdeveloped nation proprietor.


This visa project is done or propelled verging on consistently routinely by the bureau of the state. The demonstration of INA movement and nationality act permits a differing migration verging on each other year. Through this you can have movement at low rates and afterward can put that cash on your business in US. The choice is done irregular premise on the PC and the application structures are dispersed among the 6 geological zones this was acquainted with make individuals come to US and procure more cash than any other time in recent memory. This from is accessible just about to the entire nation and no single country or nation can get more than 7% of the structure since this structure has popularity and nobody will get it wrongfully and this is a strict standard , if any unlawful movement will ever happen that country or individual will be liable to it.

DV Lottery Application Form

DV Lottery Application Form

Which nations are not qualified for 2016 application? 

There are just some applicants from nations that will not be permitted to relocate to US in 2016 and the explanation for this is due to many individuals from these nations have already moved to the US in recent times and the figure and measurements say its only about 5000 above individuals in US from any one nation.

Taking after is the rundown of these restricted nations:






Dominican Republic.

Ecuador El Salvador.









South Korea.



And all the retainers of UK.

These are those nations that ought to have no strain about DV lottery 2016 application form, since they are not by any means qualified to apply by any means.


Who are qualified for these forms?

Those individuals who are conceived in Hong Kong, SAAR, Macau SAAR and Taiwan are all eligible dv lottery 2016 application is accessible for these individuals.


Qualification criteria:

The first and most critical one is that just those can apply we stand qualified to it. As indicated by the rundown given above you can get thought who can apply and who can’t.

Yet if you have to apply then there are two different choices for dv lottery application form 2016

  • In the event that your spouse or wife has conceived in nation which is qualified to apply. At that point you can likewise apply. If so then you can guarantee for your life partner their nation of conception. Ensure that both of you have connected for the national visa. Dv lottery will be just for such individuals, since they will give you a visa on the premise of your marriage partner.
  • You can likewise apply on the off chance that you are conceived on the nation where your folks are qualified; it implies if any of your blood relations are conceived in qualified nation. Dv lottery results, will be declared on this premise.

Necessity 2:

The candidate must meet the instruction criteria as said; US dv lottery is exceptionally strict if there should arise an occurrence of not following the rules.

The period for passage:  This is notice on our site named d-vlottery.com.


DV Lottery Application Information

DV lottery application form will now not be available on the internet, as the DV lottery 2016 application form. The application from was given on their web site in 2015 where they were supposed to put effort and get the desired response soon. The facility was provided to people that can down load the form from the official web site and then submit it back to the company to enter their name in the lucky draw.

What to do if you are interested in lottery:

If you want to apply for the lottery you first have to complete your document which means that your payment dues, your education, your security etc everything should be clear. This also requires lots of effort and money if you apply for this form initially they will of course say that the charges are nominal but that’s not the original scenario, things are totally different when you actually work the process. Now you have to work hard and have to consult those companies that can help you do your work at very reasonable price. So this is not very easy and to have visa via a lottery is the dream of every third world country citizen.

DV Lottery Application Page

DV Lottery Application Page

Over view:

This visa program is done or launched almost every year regularly by the department of the state. The act of INA immigration and nationality act allows a diverse immigration almost every other year. Through this you can have immigration at very low rates and then can invest that money you save into your new business in US. The selection is done randomly based on the computer algorithm and the application forms are distributed among the 6 geographical areas. This was introduced to make people come to US in a more balanced way and earn applicants more money than ever because they save a lot of money. This from is available almost to every country and no single nation or country can get more than 7% of the form because this form has very high demands and no one will get it illegally and this is a strict rule , if any illegal activity will ever occur that nation or person will be answerable to it.

Which countries are not eligible for 2016 application?

There are few countries that are not allowed to migrate to US in 2016 and the reason behind this is t\lots of people from these countries have migrated to the US in last year the figure and statistics say its almost 5000 above people in US from these countries.

Following is the list of these companies:

  • Bangladesh.
  • Brazil.
  • Canada.
  • China.
  • Colombia.
  • Dominican Republic.
  • Ecuador El Salvador.
  • Haiti.
  • India.
  • Jamaica.
  • Mexico.
  • Negara.
  • Pakistan.
  • Peru.
  • Philippines.
  • South Korea.
  • UK.
  • Vietnam.
  • And all the dependent courtiers of U K.

These are those countries that should have no problem about DV lottery 2016 application dates, because they are not even eligible to apply at al.

Who are eligible for these forms?

Those people who are born in Hong Kong, SAAR, Macau SAAR and Taiwan are all eligible.and dv lottery 2016 application is available for these people.

Eligibility criteria:

The first and most important one is that only those can apply who stand eligible to it. According to the list given above you can get an idea of who can apply and who can’t.

But still you have to be craze to apply when there are two other options for dv lottery application form 2016

  • If your husband or wife has born in country which is eligible to apply. Then you can also apply. If this is the case that you can claim for your spouse’s country of birth. Make sure that both of you have applied for the country visa. Dv lottery will be only available for such people, because they will give you a visa on the basis of your spouse.
  • You can also apply if you are born on the country where your parents are eligible; it means if any of your blood relations are born in eligible country. Dv lottery results, will be announced on these basis.

Requirement 2:

The applicant must meet the education criteria as mentioned above; US dv lottery is very strict in case of education.

DV Lottery Application Now

DV Lottery Application Now

The period for entry:

This is mention on their site named d-vlottery.com; it has traditionally started from October.

Are you a 2016 DV Lottery Winner?

The United States of America has an annual diversity visa (“DV”) lottery which is an immigration lottery program also known as Green Card lottery or the Visa Lottery. The dv lottery 2016 registration period opened on Wednesday, October 1, and will usually continue until about the noon of 3rd November. The persons who are participating will need to register themselves via an online here at D-VLOTTERY.com and should be done as early as possible to have the best chance to win the drawing and be on the DV lottery 2016 winners list!

DVLottery Winners:

This lottery program offers around 50,000 green cards on a yearly premise to every one of the candidates from various nations barring the accompanying – Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China (territory conceived), Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, South Korea, United Kingdom (with the exception of Northern Ireland), and Vietnam. These nations are barred from the lottery since they have as of now send around 50,000 lawful outsiders to the U.S. amid the previous five years.

How are successful entrants be selected?

Official warnings of choice will be made through Entrant Status Check, accessible May 3, 2016,through September 30, 2017, on the E-DV site www.dvlottery.state.gov. The Department of State does not send selectee warnings or letters by normal postal mail or by email. Any email notice or sent letter expressing that you have been chosen to get a DV that does not originate from the Department of State is not real. Any email correspondence you get from the Department of State will guide you to audit Entrant Status Check for new data about your application. The Department of State will never request that you send cash via mail or by administrations, for example, Western Union.

All passages got from every district are independently numbered; toward the end of the section period, a PC will arbitrarily choose passages from among all the sections got for each geographic area. Inside of every locale, the principal passage arbitrarily chose will be the primary case enrolled; the second section chose will be the second case enlisted, and so forth.

2016 DV Lottery Winner

2016 DV Lottery Winner

Where to find the DV Lottery 2016 winner list:

There is no victor name list accessible for the DV-2017 or DV-2016 visa lottery program anyplace on the planet or in the web. Just KCC have those chosen champs’ name list as indicated by every year framework and they won’t distribute it or offer it by and large for some security reason. The individuals who had been chosen in the PC arbitrary draw for further handling will ONLY have the opportunity to see their outcome as victor when they check their outcomes on the web. Others will be appeared with the “not chose” message in the PC or Smartphone screen, when they encourage their own data in the DV lottery results checking site.

A long time back, when the outcomes were sent by postal mail, some nations like Albania and Nepal used to distribute the champs name rundown of their nation in the wake of blocking those chose victors postal sends that originated from the KCC. These nation postal divisions’ gathers the names and addresses from envelopes and distribute them for the advantage of their overall population in their nation daily papers as these nations experienced issues with their postal conveyance framework. Presently the champ notice framework through the postal mail is not in real life and the names of the chose victors or photographs too won’t be accessible in the web.

Instructions to the DV lottery 2016 winners:

All the dv lottery 2016 winners ought to twofold check whether they have won or not before reaching the organization. The dv lottery winners 2016 can likewise be posted by any fake office keeping in mind the end goal to spread a false news. The post of dv lottery 2016 result by nation.

dv lottery winners must submit preceding the last date and the DV lottery 2016 results will likewise be reported on a site from where every one of the candidates can see whether they have won the lottery or not. The dv lottery 2016 champs list have been transferred on the site and can likewise be seen on d-vlottery.com