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As not all the chosen winners for the draw might not have the required qualification, so about 100,000 individuals will be chosen as champs and will be asked for to proceed with their successful applications. Choice results will be accessible by the month of May, a few months after DV Lottery and the visa application preparation will begin on 01st of October of each year, so you should prepare from now and it will close formally approximately on 3rd of November 2017. Qualified individuals with required capabilities staying in the USA also can take an interest in the attraction to change their present status to LPR status, on the off chance that they are fortunate.

2017 Results

DV Lottery 2017 Results


Overall DV Lottery Winners:

This lottery program offers around 50,000 green cards on a yearly premise to every one of the candidates from various nations barring the accompanying – Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China (terrain conceived), Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, South Korea, United Kingdom (aside from Northern Ireland), and Vietnam. These nations are barred from the lottery since they have as of now send around 50,000 legitimate workers to the U.S. amid the previous five years.


All the undocumented inhabitants of the United States must not partake in the visa lottery program in light of their status. It is extremely normal around this time for all the migration related offices and what not to offer administrations “ensuring” achievement in the lottery.

Guidelines for the Applicants of dv lottery 2016:

The lottery must be examined by any individual who is either legitimate national of United states, a makeshift inhabitants of the U.S., or as yet living in the Ireland. Albeit, most likely the odds of progress are less due to the great many individuals from around the globe who are applying for the green card or the dv lottery.

Key biographic information must be given correctly, and the applicant must meet the direction/work need – either satisfaction of what should be known as an optional school degree, or two years of work experience within the past five years in a field requiring no under two years of planning.

The methodology requires a current photograph, and photos for any applying relatives. The photo entry requirements are exceptionally stringent, so for the people who are not taught it is keen to make usage of an association giving application help, for instance, one of the Irish centers.

The aftereffect of DV lottery 2015 demonstrated that there were just 157 victors from the Republic of Ireland, while the Northern Ireland had 41. There were more than 9.3 million qualified sections. DV lottery 2017 results did not demonstrate much contrast either. Each candidate must be allowed just a solitary section – the electronic application framework was executed principally to ensure that all candidates take after this principle.

Once the entry has been adequately reported a competitor will get an unprecedented confirmation number which will allow the person to search out the site’s member status check in May to check whether the individual has been decided for a visa.

Guidelines to the DV lottery winners:

All the dv lottery 2017 winners ought to twofold check whether they have won or not before reaching the organization. The Result at dv lottery 2017 can likewise be posted by any fake office keeping in mind the end goal to spread a false news. The post of dv lottery 2017 results by country. 

dv lottery application must be submit preceding the last date and the DV lottery results will likewise be declared on a site from where every one of the candidates can see whether they have won the lottery or not. The dv lottery 2017 winners have been transferred on the site and can likewise be seen on or on 

Protections and Safety:

The Department of State won’t reach you to tell you that you have been picked. The U.S. government has never sent messages to tell individuals that they have been picked, and there are no courses of action to use email consequently for the DV-2017 venture. In case you are a selectee, you will simply get email correspondences with respect to your visa course of action after you have responded to the notice bearings on Entrant Status Check.

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