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The Diversity immigrant Visa program is the program which makes up to more than 60,000 immigrant visas available on  annual basis It is done on random selection basis among all entries to the people which belongs to the countries in which there is a low rate of immigration to the United states.

Lottery DV

Lottery DV

US department of State is the department in US which administers the Diversity immigrant Visa program. This program provides limited number of visas every year for the countries with historically low rate of immigration to United State.

The Diversity immigrant visas are distributed among six geographic regions.

Each country receives not more than 7 percent out of available diversity visas every year.

DV Lottery application is the simple way to get Green card. Lottery DV has no cost for the registration.

The people of the countries which are not eligible to apply for the Diversity immigrant visa in the program of DV-2017 are the following one

Bangladesh, Brazil Canada, China, Pakistan, India Vietnam, Mexico and Colombia.

The native of these countries are not eligible for applying DV-Lottery in the year 2017 because already more than 50,000 people of these countries immigrated to the United State in the past five years.

It shows that the natives of most of the Asian countries are no more eligible for the registration of DV program.

The eligibility requirements for applications are very simple and US department of state do not have any change this year in their eligibility program.


  1. Every person who is the native of the country which is eligible to enter.
  2. The applicant of DV form must have at least a high school education. 12 year education is compulsory
  3. Experience of at least two years is must in the field or occupation for which you are applying and trying to enter.

So if an applicant does not fulfill these requirements one should not submit his DV form to the State.

If a person was not born in the eligible country, has two other options or ways to become able to qualify for DV program.

o   If the spouse of that person is born in the country which is eligible to apply in this program then yes that person can claim his spouse‘s country to which she or he was born. This will provide an opportunity to you and your spouse to get select and both can enter United State simultaneously.

o   If you are born in a country which is not eligible. But your parents were born in an eligible country or they are legally resident of an eligible country. In this situation one can easily claim his parent’s residency and can become eligible to apply.

o   DV forms are available online so one must submit their application by electronic ways. The form are always available during mentioned years on the websites of US state

o   The applicant should never wait for the last week of registration.

o   The laws of the DV lottery of US allows only one entry by each person during one registration period

o   Late entries or entries by hard copies (paper) are never accepted by the program

o   An individual who applies more than 1 time in single year ate disqualified automatically.

Information you required for DV Lottery Application:

  1. Complete Name  of applicant exactly mentioned as on the passport of the applicant
  2. Gender
  3. Date of birth
  4. Resident city
  5. Country where the applicant was born
  6. Country of eligibility
  7. Recent photograph of the applicant
  8. Mailing address of the applicant
  9. Phone number
  10. Education details
  11. Marital status of applicant
  12. Number of children you have

  DV lottery results: green

The result of DV form has only one criteria of selection that is the luck of applicant. Because DV selection is done on random basis by computer.

One can check all updates about DV program by

o   The countries which are eligible for DV program 2017 are Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau SAR

o   After selection the applicant have an interview

o   At the end of immigrant visa interview the Embassy or consultant office informs the applicant about the approval or denial.

Lottery DV Win

Lottery DV Win

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