The 2016 DV Lottery

The United States of America has an annual diversity visa (“DV”) lottery which is an immigration lottery program also known as Green Card lottery or the Visa Lottery. The dv lottery 2016 registration period opened on Wednesday, October 1, and will continue until the noon of 3rd November. The persons who are participating will need to register themselves via an online program on the official State Department website ( ) and should be done as early as possible. The enter to the lottery is charge free.

Total Winners:

This lottery program offers around 50,000 green cards on an annual basis to all the applicants from different countries excluding the  following — Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China (mainland born), Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, South Korea, United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland), and Vietnam. These countries are excluded from the lottery because they have already send around 50,000 legal immigrants to the U.S. during the past five years.

2016 DV Lottery

2016 DV Lottery

All the undocumented residents of the United States must not participate in the visa lottery program because of their status. It is very common around this time of  the year for all the immigration-related agencies and what not to offer services “guaranteeing” success in the lottery.

Instructions for the Applicants of dv lottery 2016:

The lottery must be perused by anyone who is either legal citizen of United States, a temporary residents of the U.S., or still living in the Ireland or other countries. Although, no doubt that the chances of success are very less because of the several millions of people from around the world who are applying for the green card or the dv lottery.

Essential biographic data must be given, and the candidate must meet the instruction/work necessity – either fulfillment of what might as well be called a secondary school degree, or two years of work experience inside of the previous five years in a field requiring no less than two years of preparing. To see what occupations meet all requirements for the lottery, visit

The procedure requires a candidate photo, and photographs for any going with relative. The photograph passage prerequisites are very exact, so for the individuals who are not educated it is astute to make utilization of an organization giving application help, for example, one of the Irish focuses

The result of DV lottery 2015 showed that there were only 157 winners from the Republic of Ireland, while the Northern Ireland had 41. There were over 9.3 million qualified entries. DV lottery 2016 results didnot show much difference either. Every applicant must be permitted only a single entry – the electronic application system was implemented primarily to make sure that all applicants follow this rule.

Once the passage has been effectively documented a candidate will get an extraordinary affirmation number which will permit the individual to seek out the site’s participant status check in May of 2015 to check whether the section has been chosen for a visa. That is the main way a candidate can find if a section has been chosen, so the affirmation number must be kept in a safe spot.

Instructions to the DV lottery winners:

All the  dv lottery 2016 winners should double check whether they have won or not before contacting the agency. The Result at dv lottery 2016 can also be posted by any fake agency in order to spread a false news. The post of dv lottery 2016 result by country. 

dv lottery application must be submit prior to the final date and the DV lottery 2016 results will also be announced on a website from where all the applicants can view whether they have won the lottery or not. The dv lottery 2016 winners list have been uploaded on the website and can also be viewed on or on

Beware of the Scams:

The Department of State won’t get in touch with you to let you know that you have been chosen. The U.S. government has never sent messages to tell people that they have been chosen, and there are no arrangements to utilize email for this reason for the DV-2016 project. On the off chance that you are a selectee, you will just get email correspondences in regards to your visa arrangement after you have reacted to the warning directions on Entrant Status Check.

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